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Historical Romance

Somerset, 1800. Penniless squire Richard Hapgood finds himself saddled with four dowerless daughters and a wife too busy imagining herself ill to marry them off. Can this family be saved?

The Hapgoods of Bramleigh is a series of clean Regency romances which can be read as standalones or in order.

Companion Novella
The Naturalist
Book 1
A Very Plain Young Man
Book 2
School for Love
Book 3
Matchless Margaret
Book 4
The Purloined Portrait
Book 5
A Fickle Fortune
Book 6
Hapgoods of Bramleigh Books 1-3
Box Set Books 1-3

One husband, three wives, five children.

Winchester, 1800. William Ellsworth is the proud patriarch of what local gossips call the "Ellsworth Assortment," four daughters and one son by three different wives. But believing himself never too old for love, his next romance sets in motion his oldest daughter's own tangle with Cupid in this delightful series of clean Regency romances.

Tempted by Folly
Book 1
The Belle of Winchester
Book 2
Minta in Spite of Herself
Book 3
A Scholarly Pursuit
Book 4
Miranda at Heart
Book 5
A Capital Arrangement
The Accidental Servants
Prequel Novella