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The Hapgoods of Bramleigh Books 4 - 6

From award-winning traditional Regency Romance author Christina Dudley, a box set of the second three books in her beloved Hapgoods of Bramleigh Series.

♥ Matchless Margaret 

Clever and capable, she’s been trusted with her family’s future. But can masterful Margaret manage her own unruly heart?

With her two older sisters married, governing family affairs has fallen to capable Miss Margaret Hapgood, leaving little time for thoughts of marriage. But a trip to Bath to find her uncle a wealthy bride throws her in the path of a handsome recuperating soldier, who is equally determined to keep his mother’s fortune out of grasping hands.

♥ The Purloined Portrait 
She lives for her art. He has adored her as long as he’s known her. When her masterpiece goes missing, can love take its place?

Youngest of the Hapgoods of Bramleigh, Edith is more interested in art than the love of her distant cousin Lionel. As she grows as an artist, however, her own brush has something to teach her, and her portrait of Lionel not only attracts admiration and danger, but reveals to her the true state of her feelings. When it goes missing, so does a piece of her heart.

♥ A Fickle Fortune 
Scandal makes its own rules…

Harriet Hapgood has always delighted in arranging the lives of others, while generally doing as she pleased. And after having thwarted her cousin Caroline’s engagement the previous summer, what better way to pass a dull winter than in helping Caroline to a new husband? Her cousin sets her sights on the glittering Mr. St. John Rotherwood, so Hetty cheerfully puts her shoulder to the matchmaking wheel.

This book includes the following books: Matchless Margaret, The Purloined Portrait, A Fickle Fortune

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