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The Hapgoods of Bramleigh Books 1 - 3
From award-winning traditional Regency Romance author Christina Dudley, a box set of the first three books in her beloved Hapgoods of Bramleigh Series.

♥ The Naturalist

She’s hiding in plain sight. He’s disappointed his parents. Will their love grow into a tangled scandal or a beautiful blossom?

♥ A Very Plain Young Man

She’s beautiful but practical. He’s charismatic and disreputable. When duty conflicts with love, will their hearts win?

♥ School for Love

In the eye of the beholder…

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This book includes the following books: The Naturalist, A Very Plain Young Man, School for Love
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"I commend every one of her books to anyone who wants an original, literate and downright charming Regency."

Mary Kingswood

Author of The Mercer's House series

"I wish more authors would write Regency like this. I loved the large cast of characters, the humorous, rambling narrative, and the comedic adventurousness of this book. I am always a fan of large families in books, and the Hapgoods charmed me right away."

Reader Jennie R.

"I adore the Hapgoods – what a family! Each member is endearing, diverting, and likable...This traditional Regency Romance series is brilliantly conceived and expertly executed!"

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