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The Belle of Winchester
The only thing standing in the way of her winning Mr. Wright was Mr. Entirely Wrong.

Out of all the swains she collected, Miss Lily Ellsworth knew Mr. Gilbert Wright was the one she would choose in the end. Rich, well-connected, dashing, daring, he was exactly the sort of man to turn heads, even if he hadn’t much of one himself. Lily didn’t mind—a dim husband would be more easily controlled than a clever one. And after seeing how her father chose his several wives, Lily sometimes doubted clever men even existed.

There was the new curate of St. Eadburh’s, of course, but Mr. Simon Kenner might be altogether too clever for comfort. Where every other gentleman of Lily’s acquaintance thinks her an angel, Mr. Kenner shows an alarming tendency to catch her out. And where every other gentleman envies Mr. Wright’s favor with her, Mr. Kenner thinks his cousin is making a colossal mistake.

Between these two opponents, will either gain the whip hand, or will love defeat them both?

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"A wonderful, intelligent and very funny read, with the inevitable five stars."

Mary Kingswood

Author of the Silver Linings mysteries

"The comedic situations and back-and-forth banter in this book are laugh-out-loud funny, and the romance is delightfully swoon-worthy. This was my favorite book of 2022!"

Rosanne E. Lortz

Author of The London Rose

"This author is to die for. She weaves such a fabric of funny and loveable characters without being verbose. Her stories are so unusually quirky and believable without a single dull moment. Her earlier series about the Hapgoods was such a brilliant read. I can't wait for the next in this one..."

Reader S. G.

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