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The Accidental Servants
He’s marooned without a penny. She’s in hiding to protect her virtue. As servants in the same Parisian household, can love be found between the schoolroom and the scullery?

Charles Ellsworth is a young Englishman on his triumphant Grand Tour when the dissolution of his family fortunes and his own recklessness leave him stranded and in debt. He enters service as a tutor in the household of M. Tremblay, with nothing but his wits and the kindness shown him by an elderly maid to depend on.

Pretty Jeanne Martineau played ingenue roles with a traveling theatre company before the manager absconded with the receipts. Now she works as a maid for the rakish M. Tremblay to avoid starvation, but escaping his groping hands requires she don the disguise of a hideous old woman.

When Charles glimpses Jeanne without her disguise, he quickly falls for the lovely young woman, but how can she reveal the truth without them losing everything to M. Tremblay’s terrible ire and desire?

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Released on February 21, 2024

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