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Tempted by Folly
She craves respectability. He’s honorable to a fault. When their hearts harmonize, can they avoid a scandal to form a perfect pairing?

Florence Ellsworth reluctantly lives in the shadow of her family’s notoriety. Mortified that her widower father is on the hunt for his fourth wife, she accepts an engagement to a staid clergyman in the desperate hope for propriety. But she’s unprepared when her sire’s newly hired attorney proves to be young, sincere, and handsome.

Robert Fairchild feels a bit awkward in society. Aware of how his modest background is perceived, the humble lawyer is surprised by his longings when he gains the confidence of his client’s lovely daughter. But with her already betrothed to another, he dares not be dishonorable by confessing his interest and losing her respect.

Disturbed by her growing feelings for the charming solicitor, Florence works all the harder to find the appeal in her sober intended husband. Meanwhile Fairchild is inadvertently pulled into a lady’s schemes and fears any chance with the object of his affection has been forever lost.

Will they find a way out of their tender traps to capture happily ever after?

Tempted by Folly is the delightful first book in The Ellsworth Assortment clean Regency romance series. If you like sparkling personalities, witty dialogue, and endearing couples, then you’ll adore Christina Dudley’s swoonworthy novel.

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"Rich in historical detail, finely crafted characters, and subtle humor on every page, Christina Dudley is a must-read author for me."

Jennie Goutet

Author of An Amiable Foe

"A wonderful book, beautifully written on every level. It's literate...witty and very moving. Christina Dudley has a unique talent and I recommend this and all her books to fans of traditional Regency romance. This is a great start to the new series."

Mary Kingswood

Author of A Winter Chase

"Christina Dudley has quickly become one of my fav historical romance authors with her family series, her charming, spirited heroines, as well as the original plot lines. I'm so happy she's started a new series (as I've read everything else she's written!) and adored Tempted by Folly, and devoured it. Dudley creates fresh, exciting Regencies that I can't get enough of."

Jane Porter

Author of Miracle on Chance Avenue

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